ENEP Bulletin October 2013


The countries in South-East Europe, no matter whether they are EU members or future ones, are aiming to become a part of the European recycling society. How will the new environmental technology solutions become available there?

As announced last year (see ENEP Bulletin 25), AFIE is organizing a Conference on “Biodiversity & Business” in which the ENEP Biodiversity Working Group (BioWG) will participate to talk about biodiversity and sustainable development of business and  regions. European examples regarding Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services and the implementation of European biodiversity targets will also be discussed at one of the workshops.

Other topics that will be part of the communications include:

NCGG7 – Seventh International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases

Innovations for a Sustainable Future

November 5-7, 2014 | Casa 400 Amsterdam | The Netherlands

First announcement and call for papers! Submission deadline 1 February 2014

Participants interested in presenting a paper or poster on any of the mentioned themes and topics are invited to e-mail an

Abstract in English with a maximum of 250 words to:

Carolien Kroeze, Co-ordinatior Organizing Committee

ENEP recently received a request from a company called CHESS (Chinese European Strategy Solutions, www.chess-nv.com) to help them in defining a suitable EU- program for the 17 Chinese delegates of the QINGHAI HAIXI ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DELEGATION who would be visiting Brussels.

ENEP Vice President Kristof De Smet and ENEP Project Officer Simon Pascoe came up with a very interesting and satisfying program for the delegation.

Dear Colleagues,

Have you taken a look at our new website yet? If you haven’t already, please do and let us know what you think of it. It was high time we had a new one, and we hope it will inspire more and more professionals to become active in our Federation. An important next step will be the modernisation of our internal communications platform which will of course be closely connected to it.