The Dutch government wants to stop connecting new houses to gas grids and ban cars powered by fossil fuels and stip renewables subsidies in sweeping changes under its new long-term energy plan.The strategy calls for no new gas networks to be built for new houses and new buildings must be nearly zero energy. Residual energy needs can be met in most cases without gas, according to the plan, which foresees the development of alternative heating sources such as geothermal energy and better use of waste heat.  The document titled “energy agenda” sets out the government’s “gradual” energy transit

The Netherlands took over the 6-month rotating Presidency of the European Union this week from Luxembourg.  The next 6 months in the Council of Ministers will be challenging time with the February Summit finalising an agreement ahead of the UK referendum over EU membership in Autumn. The Netherlands takes the chair of the Council of Ministers and has the opportunity to set the agenda for the 28 Member States.  So how will environment and energy policy fair in 2016 against a background of the ongoing refugee and migration crisis and the threat of terror at the top of the EU’s agenda ?