The UK’s environmental sector has reacted with shock to the referendum result, which will take Britain out of the EU.  The challenge now for the new UK Government and Prime Minister Theresa May will be to tackle the BREIXT plan within the two years permitted under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  An interesting perspective how this Article 50 negotiation might unfold has been debated in a recent podcast published by the

ENEP member, the Institute for Environmental Sciences (IES), has produced a report on how to do an ecosystems service assessment in practice. The better protection of ecosystems and the greater use of green infrastructure are part of the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy (Target 2)

The IES has published a journal investigating the environmental legislation emanating from the EU. It explores key questions over shale gas, the proposed Soil Framework Directive, implementation of EU law, and political and business opinion about the EU in the UK. The publication was produced with the help of ENEP and can be downloaded HERE.