Green Week 2016

The European Commission’s Green Week, the biggest annual occasion to discuss European environment policy, took place from Monday, 30 May to Friday, 3 June 2016. Under the banner "Investing for a greener future": Green Week focused on how investment should integrate economic opportunity with sustainable environment practice. To show how the investments of today can help a "greener future" become a reality, each day of the Green Week was given a different focus.

The 2016 edition of Green Week, the biggest annual occasion to debate and discuss European environment policy, will take place from Monday, 30 May to Friday, 3 June. It will focus on the theme "Investing for a greener future". Investing is about more than money. It's about creating jobs and taking people out of unemployment. It's about ensuring our children breathe cleaner air on their way to school, it's about using raw materials and resources more efficiently, it's about preventing waste, and much more besides.

The European Commission call for events focusing on 'Investments for a greener future' has been launched by the European Commission DG Environment.  With the focus on Brussels, ENEP has benefited from its participation in previous years.  Now with a change in plan the European Commission is looking to partner local events where they want to become part of Green Week in your locality rather than Brussels.  Whilst there is no funding on offer participants will benefit from the added media push that the Commission brings with Green Week.