1. Defend and develop EU Environmental Policies - insist on full and ambitious implementation of the 7th Environmental Action Programme which was agreed between the three institutions, including by standing up to the Juncker Commission’s anti-environment and deregulation agenda;

On 1-2 December 2014, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) celebrated forty years of environmental action by holding a thought-provoking conference that looked at the environmental challenges facing Europe and the wider world in the years ahead and the opportunities for overcoming them. The emerging approach of the Juncker Commission and environmental policy was an issue of particular focus during the two days.

ENEP will participate in the 2013 EEB Annual Conference which will this year focus on the interface between economy and environment. With the economic crisis that began more than five years ago having turned out to be more than a temporary blip, there is an opportunity and indeed an obligation for Europe to look for long term solutions – solutions that respect environmental and social imperatives – so that any recovery is genuine and sustainable and does not exacerbate environmental problems, rather the opposite.

The European Environmental Bureau is seeking experts to assist with EU level work on specific products, sectors or substances. These include: