District Heating

On the 11th October, the 2016 Euroheat & Power District Energy Days took place to discuss the the new European Commission strategy for the sector.The heating and cooling sector of energy development is responsible for over half of energy consumption within EU states. It is imperative that reforms be made to the Europe’s aging and inefficient heating and cooling systems. In February of 2016 the European Commission adopted a new strategy to reform District Heating and cooling policy for EU states.

CELSIUS is a Smart Cities project that illustrates how cities can save energy and helps them create a more self-sustaining energy economy by deploying district heating and cooling (DHC) systems. The overall aim of CELSIUS is to impact energy efficiency across Europe and contribute to reaching the EU's 2020 climate and energy goals. The European Commission is currently working on a heating and cooling strategy that will encompass DHC and innovative insulation product developments.