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Are you interested in joining ENEP? Get in touch. ENEP is an umbrella body for environmental professional bodies throughout Europe.

Individuals should contact the nearest national organisation. ENEP provides a range of services to national member organisations and individuals directly as part of your national professional membership fee. ENEP provides regular news and intelligence from Brussels on legislative, policy and funding developments in EU in the fields of environment, energy, innovation and internal market that affect the environmental professional on a day to day basis. Our website allows you to discuss issues with colleagues, register on our professional knowledge sharing platform, provides links with other professionals and institutions within the EU and disseminate pan European recruitment possibilities etc.

If you represent a national or regional environmental organisation and you would like to investigate your organisations affiliation to ENEP please do not hesitate contact us

TAIEX- Environmental Implementation Review Peer 2 Peer

The Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) is a tool to improve implementation of EU environmental law and policy.It aims to address the causes of implementation gaps and try to find solutions before problems become urgent.TAIEX-EIR PEER 2 PEER is designed to share expertise between national, regional and local public authorities in charge of implementing EU environmental law and policy within the EU Member States. TAIEX is the "Technical Assistance and Information Exchange" Instrument, a peer-to-peer exchange tool of the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations. Established more than twenty years ago, TAIEX has supported public administrations in the Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries in the approximation, application and enforcement of the EU acquis. TAIEX-EIR PEER 2 PEER builds on this successful and well-established tool and applies it to environmental laws and policies in the context of the Environmental Implementation Review (EIR). It does so by helping public officials involved in such activities to exchange knowledge, good practice and practical solutions for concrete problems, thus improving their administrative capacity and ensuring better results for the implementation of EU policies on the environment.

TAIEX-EIR PEER 2 PEER can finance

Expert Missions: EU Member State experts can be sent to institutions in other Member States that have requested peer advice and exchange of experience on a specific topic. Expert missions can last between two to five days.

Study Visits: employees (maximum three) from a requesting institution can be sent on a working visit to other EU Member State institutions to learn from peers and exchange good practices. Study visits can last between two to five days.

Workshops: single or multi-country workshops can be organized in a requesting institution. Workshops would normally last two days.

Who can participate?

The assistance is provided at request of public institutions involved in the implementation of EU environmental policy and law in the EU Member States, such as:

  • National, regional and local departments and agencies

  • Coordinating authorities

  • Inspection and audit authorities

  • Permitting authorities

  • Networks of experts involved in environmental implementation and enforcement


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