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Third Annual European Commission Annual Work Programme 2017

The Commission Work Programme for 2017 was presented to MEPs on 25th October in Strasbourg. Next year the focus will be squarely on delivery of the 10 priorities that address the biggest challenges which Europe faces today. The Work Programme informs the public and the co-legislators of our political commitments to present new initiatives, withdraw pending proposals and review existing EU legislation. It does not cover the ongoing work of the Commission to implement its role as Guardian of the Treaties and enforce existing legislation or the regular initiatives that the Commission adopts every year. WATCH THE PRESS CONFERENCE WITH FIRST VICE PRESIDENT FRANZ TIMMERMANS NOW.

The European Parliament and Council will now need to agree a Joint Declaration on the priorities for 2017.

The 2017 Work Programme proposes 21 key initiatives (see Annex to press release), as well as a further 18 REFIT proposals to improve the quality of existing EU legislation and ensure our rules are fit for purpose. To ensure a focus on delivery, the Commission Work Programme identifies 34 priority pending proposals we have made in the past two years where swift adoption by the Parliament and Council can make a tangible impact on the ground.

We will continue our work across the 10 priorities through 21 new initiatives. In addition, the Commission will withdraw 19 pending legislative proposals which have become outdated, and will repeal 16 pieces of existing legislation which have become obsolete.

In a rare reference to environment and sustainable development, the Commission confirmed its intention to step up efforts on enforcement of single market and environment legislation suggesting that law is useless unless it delivers real results on the ground.

In 2016, 22 Opinions were delivered by the REFIT Platform, the newly-created independent panel of experts which reviews existing legislation and draws on citizens' and stakeholders' suggestions for reducing the administrative and financial burden of EU law.


Q&A on the 2017 Commission Work Programme

Communication on the 2017 Commission Work Programme

Annex 1 – Key initiatives

Annex 2 – New REFIT actions

Annex 3 – Priorities for the co-legislators

Annex 4 – Intended withdrawals or modifications

Annex 5 – List of repeals

The REFIT Scoreboard

REFIT Scoreboard Summary

President Juncker's Political Guidelines

The 2016 State of the Union Address, Letter of Intent, and Progress on the Ten Priorities

The Bratislava Declaration

Inter-institutional Agreement on Better Law-Making

Issue 51