Issue 47

January 2016

The 2016 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water will be held on 10th February 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands under the banner of "How is water innovation succeeding in Europe?"  The European Innovation Partnership on Water, or EIP Water, is an initiative within the EU 2020 Innovation Union.

The 24th European Biomass Conference  takes place in Amsterdam from 6-7 June 2016.The conference and exhibition covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations, the  vision is to educate the biomass community and to accelerate growth. The event which is supported by the European Commission provides companies and research labs with an opportunity to showcase their latest products and bring scientists, experts and key players together with leading biomass indu

Energy Efficiency and Renewables conference - South-East Europe plays an important role in the transition towards the low carbon economy.  This event brings business and experts together with stakeholders in Bulgaria, Romania and the neighbour regions who are engaged in energy efficiency and renewables from the public and private sectors. With the EU focus on heating and cooling in 2016 this event will provide an insight into emerging schemes for innovation in adapting the region’s building stock in the years to come.

Corinne LEPAGE Member of European Parliament and former Minister of  Environment, will address a breakfast hosted by AFITE on 3rd February in the French Senate in Paris.  An invitation to the breakfast briefing has been extended to interested members from ENEP.

A European Commission consultation has opened on the Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise – in place since 2002. The purpose of the REFIT consultation is to seek views to establish if the Directive has been effective and efficient, contained relevant provisions, and was coherent with other EU legislation. Along with a Commission review of the Directive, the consultation responses will inform the future development of EU noise policy. The deadline for responses is the 28th March 2016

The Fitness Check of monitoring and reporting obligations in environment policy aims at ensuring that environmental monitoring and reporting is fit for purpose: delivering the right information, at the right time and in an efficient way. It is likely to identify some additional information that is required but also some existing reporting requirements that can be scaled back or met in a more efficient (less burdensome) manner.

The European Commission launched a consultation on the functioning of the Auctioning Regulation governing the auctioning of emission allowances under the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS). As of 2019, the Market Stability Reserve is expected to lead to changes in annual auction volumes. Some technical amendments to the Auctioning Regulation are therefore needed. The consultation aims to collect stakeholders’ views on the technical aspects of the implementation of the Market Stability Reserve (Decision EU 1814/2015).

The European Commission wishes to consult interested stakeholders as part of its preparation for the new renewable energy directive (REDII) for the period 2020-2030, foreseen before the end of 2016.  The consultation is open until 10th February 2016.


The European Commission wishes to consult interested stakeholders as part of the Review of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (EED), foreseen for the second half of 2016. The Review has a targeted approach and will focus on Articles 1, 3, 6, 7, 9-11, 20 and 24, to assess these Articles in view of the 2030 energy efficiency target. 

The consultation is open until 29th January 2016


The call for expressions of interest to set up a list of external experts to support the monitoring of the implementation of projects financed under the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR) (gas and electricity infrastructure projects). The European Commission is looking for Energy professionals with expertise in transmission infrastructures.  The call is open and interest parties should consult following pages