Issue 24


June 2013

ENEP members were invited to a presentation of the South Sweden Sustainable Business Hub where some excellent contacts were made with their representatives at Green Week 2013. Sustainable Business Hub is a non-profit organisation that helps network for SMEs in the Malmo area with a high environmental profile.

Members from ENEP have met twice with representatives from ECOWEB, a new Commission funded service, that provides up-to-date information on hundreds of European eco-innovations, including technologies, applications, products, processes and other solutions. It aims to link enterprises, professionals, SMEs, and eco-innovations to increase the uptake of EU-funded research directly from an embedded widget on our own website. READ MORE

Transparency was the hot topic at Thursday’s 4.30pm session ‘Air Quality & Industrial Emissions: BAT Conclusions and their Impact on Air Quality’. BAT conclusions are used in writing BREFs, which are documents whose purpose is to keep technical legislation up to date without having to restart any lengthy process for new legislation in Brussels. Essentially it is like changing the small text on a contract without signing a new one. Unsurprisingly the conference centered on explaining how the IPPC ‘Sevilla Process’ for BREFs is fully inclusive and fair to all stakeholders.

The Wednesday 5th 2.30pm session ‘Only One Air: Better Indoor Air for Better Health’ features a presentation by Marianne Stranger of the EPHECT Programme. EPHECT tests the read world health effects of domestic cleaning products on indoor air quality. It acts as a complimentary set of empirical data to the EU REACH legislation framework which is concerned with data-basing harmful chemicals to be phased out of use. READ MORE

On Friday June 14th the 2015 European Green Capital winner was announced in Nantes the current holder of the title from the 4 finalists: Brussels (Belgium), Bristol (UK), Glasgow (UK) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Bristol will now become (after two straight years as a finalist) the 2015 European Green Capital. The award is fasting becoming a key target for green government and is rising fast in prestige. Brussels and the 2013 winner Nantes (France), as well as the Green Capital organizers, all had stands at Green Week promoting the award and their involvement.

Indoor Air quality has become a hot topic in recent years as modern humans spend nearly 90% of our lives indoors. The Joint Research Centre (JRC) had a stand at Green Week and ran some tests on air quality within the EGG Expo hall. JRC Scientist Elisabetta Vignati ‘reassured’ ENEP representatives that air quality within the EGG was worse than out on the busy streets. For more on indoor air quality see ‘Session Highlight #1 article’ below.

Commissioner Potočnik met with ENEP and EFCA representatives on Friday 7th June before giving his closing address to Green Week 2013.  In his speech “Only one air”  the Commissioner  summed up the week on air by confirming that leading health experts had confirmed the strong scientific evidence for negative health effects from air pollution , Climate change experts underlined the need to address air pollution and climate change in parallel, experts had outlined the dangers of black carbon and methane emissions, that pub

At this year’s ENEP/EFCA stand, we couldn’t help but notice the large suspended kite 2 stands down from us. ENEP.  ENEP stand representatives had the opportunity to learn more about the technology that has been the focus for a EU funded research and development project.  Presenting the technology, Dr.

In years previous Green Week has been held at the EU Commission’s Charlemagne building. However, recognising the need for efficiencies in a year of austerity, the 2013 the location was changed, mostly to a positive reaction, to the EGG Conference Centre south of Gare De Midi. Commissioner Potočnik visited the exhibition on Thursday 6th June.  If you would like to see some of the stands in the EGG venue follow this link  

After a thought provoking video on air quality from the European Environment Agency, Green Week 2013, was officially launched by Commissioner Potočnik with the objective of covering nearly 90 session topics relating to air quality. Speaking off the record, the Commissioner underlined the urgent need for resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and the promotion of zero impact economies. Human behaviour is one of the key drivers accelerating the deterioration of European air quality.