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Are you interested in joining ENEP? Get in touch. ENEP is an umbrella body for environmental professional bodies throughout Europe.

Individuals should contact the nearest national organisation. ENEP provides a range of services to national member organisations and individuals directly as part of your national professional membership fee. ENEP provides regular news and intelligence from Brussels on legislative, policy and funding developments in EU in the fields of environment, energy, innovation and internal market that affect the environmental professional on a day to day basis. Our website allows you to discuss issues with colleagues, register on our professional knowledge sharing platform, provides links with other professionals and institutions within the EU and disseminate pan European recruitment possibilities etc.

If you represent a national or regional environmental organisation and you would like to investigate your organisations affiliation to ENEP please do not hesitate contact us

ISO Update

ISO 14001 CD2 Approved and Scheduled for Commenting

Technical Committee ISO/TC 207 meets annually for the ongoing development of the standards of the ISO 14000 series. Revision of ISO 14001 and ISO 14004 was started in 2012. Your organisations are represented in this work via the European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP).

During the latest meeting of the working group, Committee Draft 2 (CD2) for ISO 14001 was finalised and will be published later in October. There will be a three month commenting period when National Body Mirror Committees and Liaison Organisations such as ENEP will have the opportunity to comment on the current text.

These comments will then be discussed by the end of February 2014 with the objective of moving towards a Draft International Standard (DIS) in June 2014.

The discussions to finalise CD 2 showed that the committee is now convinced that the new standard is moving in the right direction. This includes the use of the Annex SL (High Level Structure with common text and structure for all ISO management system standards).

Regarding the understanding of “risks and opportunities” the committee plans to seek further input, suggestions or clarifications, especially regarding the expectations of National Member Bodies with regards to the relationship between environmental aspects and organizational risks and opportunities.

Your comments on this subject are welcome: Cornelia.Fricke@LRQA.com.

For more information please see the previous articles published on this website.

Would you like to get involved?

Get involved in working groups supporting the liaison partnership with ISO, like the EMS working group of ENEP.

Another possibility is to approach your National Standardisation Body and to get involved in their mirror committee. Information about the national standardisation bodies in the EU is available on the Website of the European Committee for Standardisation (link:http://www.cen.eu/cen/members/pages/default.aspx)

Author: Cornelia Fricke, Contact person for liaison of ENEP EMS working group with ISO TC/207 Date: October 17, 2013,Cornelia.Fricke@LRQA.com