GA27 2016.06 - Brussels

PDF icon 1#ENEP GA Agenda (02.06.16).pdf345.5 KB
PDF icon 2#Minutes of the 26th General Assembly (22-23.10.15).pdf611.18 KB
PDF icon 3#2016 membership subscriptions update.pdf361.24 KB
PDF icon 4#ENEP Final Budget 2016.pdf591.92 KB
PDF icon 5#ENEP Activity plan 2016 - 2017.pdf385.22 KB
PDF icon 6#2016 meetings with new member associations + follow up.pdf907.92 KB
PDF icon 7#ENEP Marketing Plan (addendum to Com Strategy)_ver04.pdf428.56 KB
PDF icon 8#ENEP side event background - Green Week 2016 partner event - Investing in a greener future through the circular economy (03.06.16).pdf533.31 KB
PDF icon 9a#ENEP project officers presentation to GA (02.06.16).pdf3.04 MB
PDF icon 9b#ENEP advert in the Versalius Internship Programme for Autumn 2016.pdf252.54 KB
PDF icon 9b#ANNEX - Versalius Internship Programme catalogue - Summer 2016.pdf1011.19 KB
PDF icon 10a#Charter for a TTF - European Energy Efficiency Platform .pdf338.73 KB
PDF icon 10b#ENEP participation in Future Proof Nature Policy - a Dutch EU Presidency event (28-30.06.16).pdf245.4 KB
PDF icon 10c#ENEP representation at EC 6th Working Group on Green Infrastructure Implementation – 13th June 2016.pdf502.7 KB
PDF icon 10d1#Invitation to participate in in EU funded INTERREG MED SYNGGI project (COAMB to present).pdf489.59 KB
PDF icon 10d2#ENEP letter of interest in CircE - European regions toward Circular Economy (11.09.16).pdf218.16 KB
PDF icon 12.1#Society for the Environment_World Environment Day_Press Release_ June 2106.pdf195.12 KB
PDF icon 12.2#SocEnv Briefing Note_Sustainability as an Nolan Principle_June 2016.pdf204.02 KB
PDF icon 12.3#Letter to Karmenu Vella introducing SocEnv and World Environment Day.pdf126.64 KB
PDF icon 12.4#SocEnv_Forestry and water management integration for multiple benefit.pdf479.77 KB
PDF icon 13#Minutes & action points from the 27th General Assembly (02.06.16).pdf658.07 KB