ENEP is the European Network of Environmental Professionals (previously known as EFAEP - The European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals). It represents 22 European Environmental Organisations and over 45,000 individual professionals. ENEP is the leading environmental professional networking organisation across Europe.

What is ENEP?
ENEP is a network of national federations of environment and energy professionals throughout Europe.

Who can join ENEP?
Any national level body whose objectives comply with the statutes and bylaws of ENEP can apply to join ENEP.

ENEP encourages the creation of Thematic Task Forces (TTF) between its members. TTF representatives meet either in the fringes to General Assembly meetings or increasingly virtually with the use of telephone and video conferencing software. The ENEP statutes allow for a TTF to be created starting from a minimum of four people representing at least two Member Associations (MAs), founded with the approval of the Executive Committee and on the basis of a specific and pre‐defined subject or end goal, with the purpose of having a productive exchange of knowledge and experience.